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MH Wines Wine warehousing & distribution

We are a high quality wine Importer and warehouse based in Amsterdam, In the Netherlands. We source quality wines from around the world; Ancient & New world, directly from the producers to provide our customers and partners with high value wines that resonate with consumers and reflect the unique terroirs and environments of their origin.

Our story

Our Producers and Wineries

MH Wines represents some of the most well established, family-owned properties, as well as a new generation of winemakers who are dedicated to innovation and high quality wines. We work directly with the producers – without intermediaries. We offer a large range of wines from the Ancient world like Georgia. We also supply wines to professional from The New world like Argentina, Chile and New Zealand & USA.


Our Benefits

All our wines have a fair price due to the control of each step throughout the entire supply chain. We import containers to ensure we keep costs low.

Premium wines

From exclusive and authentic terroirs at a very competitive price meaning more margin for you.​

Directly from producers

Trusted relationships and no intermediaries. We import the wines ourselves.

Wine Expertise

Wines tasted and selected by our wine experts. Always two separate groups tasting the wines.​


A Passion for Fine Wines

We help wineries from the Ancient & New World countries by offering a European logistics and distribution solution so they can be closer to their customers in Europe. We also help them with the commercialisation which can be difficult for them when being so far away geographically.

MH Wines strives to be the best reliable and trusted partner to its B2B customers and suppliers, and to inspire a passion for fine wines.


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