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Welcome to MH Wines Consultancy, where innovation and strategy converge to redefine your wine industry experience. Our services encompass a diverse array of solutions designed to enhance your operations, elevate your sales, navigate international markets, and optimise your trade show engagements.

We work with international wineries and wine trade associations

Below is a list of services we can offer:

Trade Shows Appointments Setting

Increase commercial value of your worldwide wine trade shows by proactively connecting wineries with importers. Identify the right importers for your and schedule appointments at your stand. We ensure you return on your investment.

International Market Entry Support

We can provide you with customised solutions for guided market entry strategies, regulatory compliance, and actionable export plans for your global expansion. We can guide your team on Import & Export Services, advise you on Global Shipping & Trade Compliance.

Wine Trade Sales & Business Development

Accelerate growth with proven sales strategies, lead generation tactics, and partnership development. We also help you calculate your selling prices with tools we will develop for your business and to match each market specificities.

Wine Sales Trainings

We have been training and managing teams in many industries and we believe emotional intelligence is a key to success for wine sales. Elevate your interactions, build lasting relationships, and amplify your impact in the wine trade.

Data & Analytics

To make strategic or tactical decisions in your business you need to get a clear picture of your costs and revenues. What costs you money and takes you too much time? How to apply the pareto 80/20 analysis. We can help you with this! We can help you organise your data and build dashboard to follow your activity

Operations & Logistics Optimization

Streamline operations and logistics for efficiency and cost savings. We can help you design internal processes, develop internal tools to automate repetitive actions to generate more revenue and save you time and money. We can also advise you on strategy to help you keep focus and work with a plan.

A Global Wine Consultant You Can Trust

Our Import-Export & Sales Expertise, Your Advantage

From corporate strategy development to export guidance, sales enhancement, and beyond, our areas of expertise span the entire spectrum of the wine industry. Leveraging data-driven insights, proven sales techniques, and strategic planning, we’re equipped to address your challenges and seize your opportunities.

Margaux Hyacinthe Global wine trade consultant


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MH Wines has supported premium Chilean wineries in their efforts to enter the European market, helping them with their extensive knowledge and experience. However, what most characterizes the work of this company is the passion and enthusiasm of its founder, Margaux Hyacinthe. I have witnessed her great work and how she strongly supported ProChile's projects in The Netherlands. I hope that the relationship with Chile continues and that her talent helps our wineries to position Chilean wines in Europe. Chile needs people like Margaux to show the world the quality and diversity of our wines.
Marcleo Prochile wine trade consulting
Marcelo Villagrán
Former Trade Commissioner of Chile to The Netherlands - ProChile
We contracted with Margaux and MH Wines to increase our visibility at the past two ProWein trade fairs (2022 and 2023). By leveraging her network, Margaux engaged more than a thousand importers each year inviting them to set up appointments to taste Napa Valley wines. We saw a notable increase in traffic on our booth and a lot more importer engagement than we had in previous years.
Connor Best, Senior Director of Global Marketing, Napa Valley Vintners
Connor Best
Senior Director of Global Marketing, Napa Valley Vintners

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Prowein 2023 MH Wines's Team
Warehouse MH Wines photo
MH Wines & Martino wines Prowein 2023

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When working with MH Wines Consultancy , you’ll receive dedicated import/export support, guidance and advice from a renowned international consultancy company. Innovative and decisive in our work, we have a strong track record of executing strategic objectives. Whether it’s boosting your event appointments, expanding into international markets, optimising your sales strategies, or harnessing data for informed decisions, we’re here to help you achieve measurable ROI that boost your business forward.

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  • A Visionary in the Wine Industry

    Meet Margaux Hyacinthe, the driving force behind MH Wines. With a Masters Degree in Supply Chain Logistics & International Trade, and WSET Level 3 certification, Margaux brings a unique blend of logistics expertise and wine industry knowledge to the table.

  • Expertise in Export-Import, Transport & Logistics

    Margaux's journey spans over 10 years of experience in Export-Import, Transport & Logistics, with a specialization in the wine industry for over 5 years. As the founder of MH Wines, her own wine Import-export and logistics company based in The Netherlands, Margaux has demonstrated her commitment to innovative solutions and unparalleled service.

  • Your guide to success

    Margaux's journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence. Her commitment to revolutionizing and bringing innovations to the wine industry reflects in every aspect of her work. With fluency in French, Spanish, and English, she bridges language barriers and connects with clients on a global scale.

  • Why choose Mh Wines?

    By choosing MH Wines, you're not just selecting a consultancy. You're partnering with a seasoned expert who has: Owned and operated a warehousing, distribution & sales wine company in Europe. Over 10 years of experience in the industry, backed by WSET certification. A strong aspiration to transform the wine industry through innovation and strategic insights. A passion for helping businesses maximize their opportunities in the European market. A love for working with people and a commitment to excellence.

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