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Three siblings and one rogue man flew in from around the world to shelter from the pandemic in March 2020. Bunkering down in their home region of Marlborough during the national lockdown got them thinking of creative ways to keep themselves entertained. The idea of creating their own wine label occurred whilst they tasted the first batch of home distilled quince schnapps. Tiraki celebrates the calmness of New Zealand’s isolation from the pandemic chaos as well as the benevolent mountains that protect the Marlborough valleys from storms.

Longfield Farm was established in 1870. With six generations involved over the past 150 years, the 260Ha property has evolved substantially. However, what has remained constant is the family’s commitment to providing products of the highest quality whilst continuing to nurture the land for future generations.

Since 1999, the property has gradually been developed into an extensive vineyard, growing a variety of premium grapes including Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. High sunshine hours, wide diurnal range, clay soils and our dedicated team work together to produce outstanding grapes that our family winemaker transforms into unique world-class wines.

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Marlborough, New Zealand

Marlborough wine region is located in the north of the South Island of New Zealand. A combination of a cool yet high sunshine climate, low rainfall and free-draining, moderately fertile soil produces uniquely vivid wines. Hailed as one of New Zealand’s most sunny and dry regions, Maori referred to the Wairau Valley as ‘Kei puta te Wairau’ – ‘The place with the hole in the cloud’.


Longfield Farm

The clay rich soils of Longfield farm are perfect for creating concentrated and balanced wines. From the beginning of flowering at the end of November, through to the start of harvest in the middle of March we experience cool nights and warm days. This extends the time it takes to ripen the grapes, a key requirement for flavour development and sugar/acid balance.
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Winemaking Concept

Special care

Tiraki believes that wine is made in the vineyard. With great attention and care to producing high quality grapes, minimal inputs are required in the winery to make outstanding wines. Tiraki’s wines are made with minimal inputs, no fining and are vegan friendly.

Winemaking commitments

  • The spirit of Tiraki is about seeking adventure and new experiences. More than just making great wine, Tiraki is a catalyst for conversation, an excuse to explore.
  • Wine is made to be shared. With passion and adventure in mind our wine is meticulously made balancing art and science to bring out the inner adventurer within.
  • Their mantra: Live in the moment. Be adventurous. Explore. Get outside. Find new experiences. Think fresh. Eat weird. Drink Tiraki.

Passionate Team

Tiraki Family

Good to know

Tiraki is Maori for “clearing of the sky”

Tiraki pays homage to the local Maori name for Marlborough “Kei Puta te Wairau” or “Hole in the sky over Wairau”. This is important to us given our Maori heritage and longstanding family connection with the region.

Clouds parting is synonymous with new beginnings and optimism. Through our wine, we aspire to share our joy, passion and sense of adventure with the world.

Tiraki Pinot noir
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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Sustainability at Tiraki

Sustainibility Code

The vineyard is managed in accordance with Sustainable Winegrowers New Zealand.

Sustainability Key Points at Tiraki

  • To encourage diversity at Longfield, Tiraki has extensive native plantings along their waterways to entice native birds and insects into the vineyards which help eliminate pests, improving the health of their grapes.
  • Sheep roam the vineyards through the Autumn months as they offer some of the best natural fertilizers and keep the grass down without the use of machinery.