Viña Aromo


More than 100 years in the wine market

The story of the Henríquez family in the world of wine begins when Don Víctor Henríquez Solar, a man tied to this land and an old wine-growing tradition, bought a field in Parral (Valle del Maule) planted with vineyards and that in a very handmade way produced his own wines. Years later, in 1936, Don Víctor had the opportunity to buy from French entrepreneurs the current winery of the vineyard, founded in 1922, which vinified and bottled under the brand “El Aromo,”. What followed was an arduous task, but Don Víctor persevered in what was a long and risk-free journey, and under an unfriendly environment for those who at that time wanted to bottle good quality wines.

Later, his efforts, and then the great business vision of his sons Manuel and Arturo, who saw the potential of the vineyard and its lands, decided to innovate and modernize. At the beginning of the 90’s in a trip organized by Fundación Chile, they realized the real demands of the international market, managing to tune with the market and modify the old styles of winemaking.

Nowadays, Viña Aromo has established itself as one of the most respected wineries in Chile. The investment in new technologies has allowed it to grow to a point where production exceeds 12 million liters for the domestic market and 3 million liters for exports.

Caleuche Reserva aromo


Maule Valley, Chile

The Maule Valley is located in the southern part of the Central Valley. This area, which has the largest area planted with vines in all of Chile, has a tradition of vine growing dating back to the 17th century. Running parallel to the Andes Mountains and the Coastal Mountain Range, the Maule Valley benefits from significant temperature variation between night and day and rainfall restricted to the winter months. These conditions allow healthy grapes, great concentration of color, flavors and aromas.

290 hectares of own vineyards assure Aromo to achieve the best wines.

  • Viña Aromo vineyards:
    El Trapiche (Villa Alegre, Valle del Maule, Chile)
  • Ventolera (Melozal, Valle del Maule, Chile)
  • Santa Margarita (Maule, Valle del Maule, Chile)
  • El Pilar (Maule, Valle del Maule, Chile)


Trapiche winery

It is located in Villa Alegre, a traditional Chilean town in the central zone of Chile, which still preserves its colonial architecture and folklore. In this surprising and evocative place we find the Trapiche Winery, with a storage capacity of fifteen million liters.

Their equipment is state-of-the-art and has the highest technology in packaging and labeling processes, favouring the quality and care of their products. In addition, their productivity is backed by the HACCP certification and BRC certification recognized internationally in the agro-wine industry.

Aromo worker

Winemaking Concept

Expression and Innovation

Aromo’s wines, expressive and innovative have been the result of the excellence of the winemaking team, led by their Chief oenologist, Jimena Egaña, who recently received the award of merit in winemaking granted by her Chilean peers.

Winemaking Team

El Aromo vineyard

Good to know

Best 2021 winery Catad'Or

The winery Viña Aromo has been named Chile’s best winery at the Catad’Or World Wine Awards 2021! This is the most important international wine competition in Latin America. What an honor!

Strong international presence

Vina Aromo exports to 30 different countries on 4 continents
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Caleuche Group
Aromo Harvest

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).

Sustainability at Viña Aromo

Sustainibility Code

At Viña Aromo they believe in the production of grapes and wines in a sustainable and efficient way. They understand sustainability as the convergence between caring for the environment and the ability to be a profitable company over time.

Sustainability Key Points Viña Aromo

  • Seek to create a pleasant and productive work environment that encourages collaboration among the team. Our company values are:
  • Commitment to people: We are a winery committed to both our internal customers (employees), external customers (consumers and suppliers) and stakeholders (interest groups).
  • Respect: Care for the surroundings and environment in which the vineyard’s processes take place.
  • Collaboration: Ability to look for new possibilities to tackle problems typical of our daily tasks and an open mind to new points of view.
  • Certifications:
    – HACCP Codex Alimentarius (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)
    – British Retail Consortium