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MH Wines Exclusive Terroirs, Distributes wines to Wine Importers and Distributors within the European Union.

Our company MH Wines Exclusive Terroirs started as a traditional wine importer in The Netherlands.

In those early months we heard story after story of European distributors/Importers' challenges regarding wine imports.

Delays in ports, large minimum orders and not having storage space for that type of inventory, unexpected fees, and unreliable deliveries.

Then the Covid pandemic hit and we decided to also develop services as a European Wine warehouse for wineries for Ancient & New World wineries who wish to develop their sales by being closer to their EU customers.

This solution has a direct advantage for European Importers and Distributors because they can buy wines directly from the winery and the wines are already imported and stored in Europe.

Wine warehouse

As a wine importer we understand your challenges.

Are you looking to Import new wines but:

  • The current transport delays & high costs makes it difficult?
  • You don't have enough cash flow to pay all the upfront costs?
  • You need to test your market before committing to purchasing high volume from a winery?
  • You are struggling to manage overstock/out of stock due to little flexibility?
  • You prefer to keep your transactions in euros to avoid currency exchange rate risks?

If your answer is YES then we can help you!

Maquis wine collection
wine transport

We understand the complexity you face by importing wines directly from outside of Europe.

Cash Flow

High upfront costs due to Initial large volume commitment, impacting your cash flow even before selling the new wines


Supply chain interruption concerns - delays, upfront costs, wrong stock forecast, out of stock

Stock Management

Overstock, immobilizing stock value, higher logistics costs due to little flexibility in case of empty shelves


Foreign exchange rate currency risk management. Impact value of your wines in case of devaluation of your currency

European wine Based Warehouse Solution

As we act as a European warehouse for these wineries, we believe it would be interesting for you for the following reasons:
  • Attractive prices and higher margins for you

    Your prices are direct from the producers in euros, consistent pricing from our warehouse in the Netherlands.

  • Shorter transit times

    Fast delivery times to you for each order, no large delays & better control of your stocks - All the wineries' wines are stored in Amsterdam.

  • Flexible quantities

    You can buy from 30 cases / mixed pallets. Lower volume commitments, easier to develop a new brand or when you need to buy extra bottles in case of urgent need or demand for a specific wine.

  • Direct relation with the winery

    We have an agreement with each of our wineries so if for your company strategy/positioning it is important for you to be in direct contact with the wineries you can either be in contact with us or the winery.


Our warehouse

Location : Amsterdam, Netherlands
Temperature controlled storage, protected against natural light
Specialized in Wine & Spirits
Mix pallet orders
Excise free samples
Tax stickers if needed

Are you a wine Importer or a wine distributor and are you interested in our wines?

Fill in the contact form, call us on +31 642093463 or send an email to: